Based in Centurion, South Africa, Lagari Photography was started in 2015 by Jacques Murray. Lagari Photography was originally operating under another name, Jacques Murray Creatives, named after the founder of the business. The business was later rebranded, in order to allow it to expand and with an eye on growth, bring additional photographers on board.

Since a very young age, Jacques has always had a passion for photography. Taught by his late father, JJ Murray, the love of photography grew through the years. Captivated by the magic of freezing a moment in time, Jacques continued to try and learn as much as he could about this art form and he was always taking photos. Luckily, with the advent and maturity of digital photography, it became more affordable to pursue this passion, compared to the days of film.

The real birth of then Jacques Murray Creatives in 2015, was after the passing of Jacques’ dad. As a way to cope with the loss of his beloved father and mentor, he pursued an international accredited diploma in photography. To honour his dad’s memory, he decided to start this business, not for the financial remuneration, but rather to allow others to experience the joy of being able to look back on a photo and recall all the memories of that day.

Being a father himself, he appreciates the importance of saving these moments in time and preserving them for the future.

Lagari Photography is currently in the process of rebuilding and restructuring after a short hiatus and will hopefully in the near future officially announce the addition of a second photographer.

Our aim and focus with Lagari Photography are to provide the best service, the highest quality photography at a price tailored to suit most pockets. This while providing a relaxed, friendly and warm atmosphere.