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Jacques Murray’s Photographic Biography

When I look back on what the real reason was for myself to start learning the art of photography, it wasn’t something so elaborate that when I start explaining I would lose your interest on the first sentence.

Yes, taking photos was great when growing up. As a child you don’t see much significance in them, but as I grew older, the memories of having a photo to look at became more and more sentimental, even more so when I became a father.

The moments you have with your children are so special that freezing time just to remember them was, I think, any parent’s dream. It was at that moment where photography became my true passion. It wasn’t just about taking a picture anymore. It was to capture a moment in time. That wasn’t enough for my curiosity. It was about having the knowledge and skill to know when a moment in time is a perfect shot. I have not been in this business for long, but my respect for all the perfect and imperfect moments, makes my passion grow endlessly. I have ensured precision in all images, but most of all an image is nothing without its life form to pose for the photo. I believe it’s the environment that you find yourself in which would make you a good photographer. Experience can only take you so far, it’s the passion and the sixth sense of seeing beyond the camera lens, that’s makes you stand out in a busy world.